Friday, June 9, 2017

Impeachment Fairy or New Heights in Narcissism

Am I the impeachment fairy or Impeachment (Typhoid) Mary?  This research project has quite a record:

  • Last spring, I planned to go to Brazil to research their Congress's role in civil-military relations. Impeachment happens, which makes it difficult to do the work so I defer until this spring.
  • This spring, I go to Brazil and just as I leave Brasilia, the President faces a very major crisis, which might lead to impeachment or resignation, as he got caught on tape bribing people to vote to impeach the previous year.
  • This spring, I planned to go to South Korea, but delayed that until next year because of impeachment.
  • Instead, I go to Japan, thinking that I cannot cause impeachment here since there is no President--that my impeachment fairy dust only works for Presidents.  And then the Emperor (symbolic figure, no real executive power) abdicates.
To be clear, this is about me doing the project, not the project itself as Dave and Phil have not left political crises in their respective wakes.

So, yeah, folks have been asking me to visit the US.  Well, I do it all the time--holidays, vacations, dropping off College Spew and picking her up, etc.  I guess I have to do what is best for the country even if it is not best for the project and take over the American case study from Dave.

Again, yeah, Argentina, Chile and South Korea, I am sorry for what I will be bringing you in 2018.

The only question remaining is whether I should refer to myself as the Impeachment Fairy or Impeachment Mary?

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