Saideman's Sauces

I am creating this page not to market my various sauces but to remind myself of the sauces I have "created" since I started blogging.  I will update this page if I discover new sauces during my Remedial Potions class.  I am plagiarizing an earlier post.

  • Secret: Refers to those efforts to reduce accountability by making something secret.  I owe Jimmy James a big debt for this one, the one that inspired the rest.  The taste is much like vodka--packs a punch sometimes but does not really have a flavor.
  • Denial: Refers to efforts to ignore the existing reality by denying it or by comparing it only to a selective slice of reality.  The classic example is that Canadians don't have to fix their health care system as long as they can believe it is better than the American system.  Sickly sweet.
  • Perspective: That is when the world reminds us that there are bigger issues out there than the small petty grievances of whiny academics like myself.  A bit bitter like a hoppy beer.
  • Awesome: Urban Dictionary defines it as "The invisible substance emitted by anything awesome. Inherently making itself, and anything it covers, awesome."  Tastes like chocolate chip cookies, apple pie or cinnamon buns...
  • Ignorance: Akin to denial sauce, it serves to disguise whatever is going on.  Like a Canadian calling something Americanized.  Mostly comes in xenophobic/nationalism colors. Adds no content and maybe even fosters less understanding, hence the ignorance.  Salty.
  • Distraction: A sauce that focuses one's mind away from the current topic.  Tastes like squirrel.
  • Scary: This is added to a dish to make it seem spicier, hotter, more dangerous so that no one eats it.  Examples include exaggerating side effects, myth-making, extreme slippery slope arguments.  Actually quite bland.
  • Smug: A sauce that makes the meal seem a bit more special at first taste but has a very bitter aftertaste.  
  • Obnoxious: A sauce that makes an otherwise good tasting item gross and unacceptable.  See here for the explanatory post.
This will serve as my reference page for my sauces as some are hard to distinguish (Ignorance/Denial/Scary).

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