Friday, February 24, 2012

Bright Shiny Line

I engaged in a long twitter conversation with several people today about this story about members of the Canadian Forces digging Minister of National Defence out of the hole he dug for himself regarding the search and rescue helicopter he used on his vacation.  The CF folks looked to see if the Liberal opposition critic had engaged in similar practices.

I am not going to discuss this in depth as I have a column that might be posted on this soon, but I will say that asking the military to do your opposition research is UNACCEPTABLE.  And the CF officials should have passed the buck upwards to the Chief of the Defence Staff who should have asked the Ministry folks to re-think.

More later, depending on if and where the column gets picked up. Oh, and this is where you can tell I am a civvie--the military would have entitled this something like "A Red Line."

UPDATE: My longer rant on this is now available at The CIC.

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