Friday, February 10, 2012

Georgia Not on My Mind

The folks interested in NATO have pondered Georgia's status.  Let me brief about this since I have blogged about this before, but it bears repeating and repeating:
  1. Georgia's membership would make the heart of NATO, an attack upon one equal to an attack upon all, simply incredible--not to be believed.  Germany has opposed Georgian membership, and, for once, I agree with them.  Just a bad, bad, bad idea.
  2. As I have mentioned before, giving Georgia more confidence is probably the wrong thing to do, as it might encourage Georgia to get more aggressive with Russia.  Not good.
  3. Criteria? Ha!  Oh, wait, that is a good thing since it makes my stuff on the non-enforcement of entry conditions that more relevant.
Yes, this post largely repeats what I have said before, but this idea is still as stupid as it was before, so why should I come up with new arguments when the old ones will do just fine. Besides, I have to blog about the contretemps at McGill, which is far more important.

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