Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Lovin' ... Movies

I used to post more about the movies I have seen, but other stuff has taken priority.  I have now seen three of the big summer movies: Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Prometheus.  I saw the last one this evening.  The ranking is easy: A > SW > P.  My wife cackled all the way home about Prometheus, but I actually liked it, but not as as much as the others. 

Avengers ranks at the top for a variety of reasons, including giving me enough material to post here and here with applications of political science.  It was also most entertaining from start to finish, had great humor and great action.  Snow White was surprisingly good.  Not a great movie, but not bad.  Charlize was better in Snow White, the dwarves were great, Kristen Stewart was actually not bad, and Thor was a bit less good here than in Avengers.

But let's go beyond the break for Prometheus:

My tweet tonight was this:

And then I was reminded that another lesson is: if you are lost in a cave with icky stuff, don't try to make nice with the cobra-esque snake thing.  Time to freak out and find someplace drier.  Yes, the problem with this movie was that plenty of folks were plenty dumb. That the guy who was charged with mapping the place got lost?  Oy. 

The movie varied in how engaging it was.  It had one of the best laughs of the summer--where Toy Story injected itself in the form of a game at an arcade in the middle of a self-c-section.  Lots of big holes: is there an engineer on the next ship?  Required some stupidity to kickstart the action.  Not sure why the robot had to be so evil to push things along.  He could have gotten the old guy to the ship without infecting folks.  Why be thrilled about a new baby?  So, the movie was uneven and had enough stuff in that popped my disbelief.  Whereas Avengers had me fully engaged all the way.  Snow White was not quite that engaging, but I bought the premise and was not shaken out of it much.  Prometheus?  It was ok.

Still plenty of movies left in this summer. 

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