Saturday, March 29, 2014


Here is a pic from the Duckies!  This is where the awards for online stuff are given out at the ISA.  The pic of me is announcing the Online Media Caucus.  I have some celebrity these days for my role in the ISA blogging controversy.  I would rather have not had any of us go through it, but I do appreciate the appreciation.

More importantly, and still self-centeredly, I am most pleased that Political Violence at a Glance received best collective blog of the year.  I am most proud of our efforts there.

To be clear, I recused myself from the voting in that category.

Anyhow, the ISA has been quite delightful this year and I am thrilled with how things have went. 
Erica Chenoweth, Co-editor of PV@G and I with the well-earned Duckie

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