Monday, June 16, 2014

Reverse Jinx

Today, the Wall Street Journal has published a piece by Paul "Jerry" Bremer on the situation in Iraq.  Apparently, Bremer is advocating a deeper US involvement including boots on the ground.  I did not read it nor will I link to it because Bremer is utterly discredited by his service as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority (its CPS acronym was commonly known as Can't Produce Anything).  This is the guy that knew so little about Iraq that he just used post WWII models and recklessly disbanded the Iraq military, and fired most of the knowledgeable folks in government. 

Bremer apparently has no self-awareness to understand that any position he takes loses 50% legitimacy from his association.

So, I can only guess that the WSJ dos not want US troops on the ground, and is strategically publishing Bremer's piece to discredit that policy alternative.

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