Monday, August 10, 2015

The End of Vacation?

The Saideman Six (no pesky millennials in this shot)
Today is our last day of our summer vacation with my relatives.  My facebook "on this date" stuff was chock full of pictures of boating on a lake, mini-golf, beaches and other posts from past years.  My siblings and I had thought we would no longer be doing this, as our kids, except for one, are all of college age or beyond.  My parents had been pushing/sponsoring these trips so that the next gen would get along, but now these kids have lives of their own.

As it turns out, my parents' plan worked out as we had 2/3's of the next gen show up this year (twice as much as we had expected), as they like these trips and the time spent with their cousins.  College Spew is one for three over the past three years, but is likely to attend next year.

And yes, there will be a next year as my mom used all of her guilt powers and perhaps made us make an unbreakable vow to continue these trips after my parents pass on (yes, they talk about their deaths quite a bit despite being pretty healthy for octogenarians).

The question is where?  My turn to organize the trip and I am confused.  My parents have traveled extensively, so much so, from the arctic circle to Antarctica, from India to Chile to Kenya, that trying to go some place new is a bit of a challenge.  When I listed various Canadian places, it turns out that my parents have been to every province but Saskatchewan (although none of the territories).  The big hole in my mom's travel is ... the US midwest.  So, maybe Wisconsin, Michigan or Minnesota for next year?

We shall see.  The only thing I know for sure is that this song works well for my folks and for us:

Onto a day of tourism in Boston before we fly back to Canadia.


R. William Ayres said...

Come back to Ohio!

Steve Saideman said...

that is up to you and Grant and ye olde Dayton Accords, I guess.