Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dumbest Canadian Political Issue of the Week

Folks who complain about Justin Trudeau appearing in Vogue with his wife, Sophie Gregoire, are just, um, scolds?  So, it plays into people's perceptions that he is all style, not substance.  These folks conveniently forget the heaps of substance that he and his party pushed out before the election in the form of many policy papers and since in the form of specific mandates he gave to his ministers and released to the public.

Yes, Vogue is read mostly by women.  Why is this a problem?  Aren't women about 50% of the electorate?  Yes, we have a "hot" Prime Minister who seems to really, really like his wife.  He has been successful precisely because he is pretty comfortable with all kinds of media, and ain't that a nice change of pace from Stephen Harper?

Much kerfuffle over pretty much nothing.  I am pretty sure that Obama would be thrilled if the media was focused more on his abs and less the need for "more leadership" whatever that means.

Of course, the real photo op of the week is today at the airport as PMJT welcomes refugees to Canada.  

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