Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Quadrennial Complaint

Every four years, folks threaten to move to Canada if their candidate loses.  Or the person they hate wins.  Yes, it makes a smidge more sense in the age of Trump, but please:

Lena Dunham is the latest, and, given her political acumen, um, we should not care too much about what she says.  But this is typical, and, of course, the media have to report it. 

But the reality is that few move.  As I learned when I move to Canada, it really is a different country.  I have been tempted to write a book (the title would be A Yankee on Ice) that documents what surprised me and what I learned about this place beyond the obvious (it is frickin cold for many, many months unless one is in Vancouver).  It is a wonderful place, and we have been most happy here.

BUT I had a job waiting for me, which made the immigration process possible.  Canada does not let in just everyone who wants to move--it has border controls, an immigration service, and everything.  Really.  Just like most other countries. 

It is only slightly less annoying when far right wing folks make that threat because even under Harper, Canada's laws and taxes are not what American right wing folks would like.  Same sex marriage, etc.

Anyhow, could the media just show some discretion and not play up this shit every four years?  Please?  Pretty please?

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