Sunday, May 13, 2018

Measuring Time in the Trump Era

Time always seems relative but especially now.  We often see people complain on Tuesday whether the week is over yet.  This is doubly true for comparing the tenures of the various ex-Trump officials. 
People have been using Scaramucci or Scaramooch to measure something in between a week and a fortnite (although wikipedia has him as lasting six days), but that is not the only unit of time we have:

  • Flynn lasted twenty-four days or 2.4 Scaramooches
  • A Preibus, also known as a Spicer, is six months (Preibus was 6 months, 11 days and Spicer was 182).
  • A Gorka, or Do-Nothing Nazi, is 217 days or almost 22 Scaramooches.
  • An Over-Rated Adult is 400 days (Tillerson was 405, McMaster 412) or 40 Scaramooches or about 17 Flynns.
The conversions are pretty awkward, so this is definitely not a metric system.   Indeed, it is more like the conversions for currencies in Harry Potter.

All this speaks to how short the terms are in Trumpworld.  These are not the best people--far from it.  And Trump seems to like chaos and turmoil.  So, when folks ponder John Bolton, it is not so much whether he has done damage yet, but how much damage he will do while he lasts, whether he is in office for a couple of Flynns or lasts as long as an Over-rated Adult.

Oh, and yes, a Trump is, alas, four years, even though it feels like forever especially if you think of it as being  146 Scaramooches or more than 60 Flynns.  The bright side is that 1 Trump is also 1/6000 of an Old Republic. A blink of an eye, really.

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