Saturday, May 26, 2018

Star Wars Exhaustion or Too Much Fett?

I am a big Star Wars fans, and I have enjoyed the new movies quite a bit.  So, when I hear they are making a Boba Fett movie, my first reaction is:   ug.  No, not because of SW exhaustion but because I never really found BF to be a BFDeal.  I asked twitter thusly:

One third think that Boba Fett is not the most overrated character, which is not that dissimilar from the usual surveys about Trump, GOP stances, and all the rest.  One third of the people are misled or misguided.  Why?  Because Boba Fett gets killed by accident mostly and is otherwise most unimpressive.  What does he do?  He tracks down Han Solo.  Fine, clever boy.  But in battle?  Meh.  Oh, and his father was easily defeated by a Jedi, so let's just consider whole Mandalorian merc thing wildly overrated.

So, will I go to a Boba Fett movie?  Sure, I am a sucker.

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