Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If You Think Afghanistan Is Complicated ...

Read this piece about Pakistan, especially the final quote:
“People think this government has sold us to the Americans again for their own selfish interests,” said Jahangir Tareen, a former cabinet minister and a member of Parliament, in an interview. “Some people think the United States is out to get Pakistan, to defang Pakistan, to destroy the army as it exists so it can’t fight India and to break down the ISI’s ability to influence events in India and Afghanistan. Everyone is saying about the Americans, ‘Told you so.’ ”
I find the "too many troops will alienate the Afghans" argument to be swallowing Taliban propaganda. If the extra troops increase security, that would offset any xenophobia. But in Paksitan

The article also shows how complicated life is when one uses private military contractors (although perhaps not as complicated as depicted in the recent Russell Crowe/Ben Affleck/MacAdams/Mirren movie, State of Play--entertaining if a bit over the top).

Pakistan apparently is not as close to failing now as it was last year, but I would not put too much money on predicting its future.

I will post later today or tomorrow where Pakistan fits into various theories of international relations and foreign policy.

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