Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where is Vegas When We Need It?

In the NY Times today, there are ten "Steps to Victory," with each one written by a different expert/pundit. I wish Vegas had a pundit book akin to their sports book, so that I could bet on what a pundit would write. Perhaps even (thanks Sports Guy) set up a two pundit tease: Kagans to urge doubling down with Kilcullen focused on governance. And if I had known that Pape would be writing, then perhaps a three pundit tease with suicide terrorism.

Then, we could come up with over/unders on such topics like: how many outlets will a particular pundit appear? How many outlets will accuse Obama of being too slow after criticizing Bush for not being thoughtful enough?

Of course, the over/under in Obama's mind is: how many months before the military comes back with a request for more troops? I think Vegas, if it was doing its job right, would set that at eleven months, and, if that were the case, I would probably bet the under.

Perhaps I just should stick with poker?

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