Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama's Process

Good short item on how Obama is making the decision on Afghanistan and the recommendations made by Gen. McChrystal. While good process does not always lead to good decisions (or least worst decisions), bad process does usually lead to bad decisions. So, once again, I have to like how Obama is approaching this decision. My guess is that he will agree to send more troops, but will make it clear (perhaps not credibly) that another request in one year's time is not going to get as sympathetic a hearing.

Obama seems quite focused on the real problem in Afghanistan--the Afghan government. While more effort needs to be made to create security so that the rest of the nation/govt/state-building process can develop, the security situation relies on a semi-legitimate government. And it is not clear whether one exists now or will in one year's time. See Kaplan for his take.

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