Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breaking Dead Pool: Getting Started

Given that I got no suggested revisions to my original post specifying how the Breaking Bad Dead Pool Beyond the Wall Game will be played, I will stick with what I wrote with some clarifications below. 

I have twelve players and twenty four characters (at least as far as I can count) who may or may not live to see the end of the Breaking Bad finale.  This means that in the draft (to be explained below), everyone will pick two characters that they think will survive.  Three points for those characters that are alive when the show is over--if the show makes a leap forward in time and has only one character alive, so be it.  One point if they are in a coma or near-death like situation that is unresolved.  Oh, and to make it interesting: -1 point for the first character to die in the final eight episodes.

Oh, and for a three part tiebreaker: you will have to email me at the end of the draft the name of who you think will be the last person killed, how they will be killed and by whom.  You could have Walter White is last one killed and killed by cancer, for instance.   Who, how, by whom are the three parts--cancer would both be how and whom....

The draft will take place on my blog on Tuesday evening on July 22nd at 8pm East Coast time (sorry, Kristy and others in distant time zones), which should give people time to do some research.  If you are unavailable to post on my blog at that time, send me a list of your draft picks (you should submit a list of all 24 characters in your preferred order), and I will input the highest remaining character on your list.  And, yes, the players can snark on facebook, twitter and/or the blog criticizing the choices made by the other players.  Smack-talk is a key part of any game like this.  Indeed, there will be an award for best smack-talk.  Observers can have their own contest for guessing who will be the most humorously abusive (emphasis on the humor part).

The draft order, decided by alphabetical order of the third letter in the players' first names (and then fourth for the many tiebreakers):
  1. Noah Chestnut (@noahchestnut)
  2. Brandon Valeriano (@drbvaler)
  3. Robert Chasen (via fb)
  4. Rodger Payne (@rodgerpayne)
  5. Chip Gagnon (via fb)
  6. Kristy Caruso (@siteseers)
  7. Caitlin Fitzgerald (@caidid)
  8. Will McCants (@will_mccants)
  9. Kelsey Atherton (@athertonKD) 
  10. Wendy Wasserman (@wjw26)
  11. Sara Mitchell (via fb)
  12. Mark Jarvis (@markdjarvis)
Again, the draft is snake-esque, so Mark gets the 12th and 13th picks, Sara gets 11th and 14th, Wendy gets 10th and 15th, and so on.  

The players themselves are an interesting mix of political scientists who I have met over the years, friends from high school with whom I re-connected through the miracle that is facebook, a few folks I met over the internet via twitter fight club or other fight clubs (silly facebook games).  There are only two people listed here whom I have never met in person.  Nope, I met Kristy the Aussie when she was visiting Montreal.  Vegas surely come up with odds on who is likely to win, but only after the draft.

The list of characters is on the old post here.  If I omitted any, you can suggest other ones either privately or via twitter/fb/blog.  Up to you.  If I find any spectacular omissions, I will add them to this page via updating.  

If I have forgotten any details, let me know.  I will provide updates after each of the last eight episodes of the show.  Remember, death is only really conclusive at the end of the show.  Surely, BB would not have clones, dreams or other stupid plot devices, but people have been known to recover from comas and from self-poisoning. 

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Brandon Valeriano said...

Damn, I thought we were picking those would DIE and I wanted the Baby as the spoiler. Wonder if I can play the game without spoilers since I don't like torrenting content and I don't think Breaking Bad has made it to the UK.