Saturday, January 17, 2015

Foreign Policy Prophet?

I am confused this morning.  Apparently, Mitt Romney is considering himself a foreign policy prophet since he argued in 2012 that Russia was the greatest threat to the US.  Um, no, Mitt.  Yes, Russia is damned inconvenient with its sham referendums and its irredentist efforts.  But I am pretty sure that Russia is not the greatest threat to the US nor did most of his other predictions come true.

However, I cannot help but think of another prophet and the parallels:
Yes, Professor Sybil Trelawney!  Who was wildly scorned for making dramatic predictions that had little to do with  reality.  Only twice did she make an accurate prophecy, and the first one was very much of the self-fulfilling kind (if Voldy had not acted as he did in reaction to the prophecy, the subsequent prediction would not have come true).  Oh, and her accurate predictions only came when she was essentially unconscious.

So, Mitt, foreign policy prophet?  Sure.  But in the manner of Trelawney and not Cassandra or Elijah.

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