Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best (Favorite) Music of the Aughts

Continuing my self-indulgent tour of the decade past, it is time to consider music.  Tastes here are always quite personal.  Far easier to argue over the best film than the best song or album (right, Chuck K?).  So this is really Steve's favorite music of the 2000's.

Here we go:

First, favorite groups/acts of the decade (in order):
  1. Weezer: Nice range of songs, always catchy, mostly funny.
  2. My Chemical Romance: Almost always nicely bombastic, great played loud.
  3. Bowling for Soup: Always silly, relates nicely to my life (1985, Ohio, etc.)
  4. Simple Plan: Just fun whining that hits me in the right spots.
  5. Panic at the Disco!   Different, change of pace silliness
  6. Beyoncé.  Just good songs, good videos consistently and a good sense of humor as well.
Second, favorite funny/silly/wacky songs (not in order):
  1. Stalker by Goldfinger--has a great beat, funniest lyrics.  Video has the most literal application of the song.
  2. Hooray for Beer by Bowling for Soup.  No video yet, but a fun song.
  3. Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne  .   Great video interpretation (Rachel Hunter!).  Just shows how wonderfully misguided teenage boys are about their choices since Stacy was interested in the boy and she was not unattractive.
  4. Sweep the Leg by No More Kings.  Wonderful vision of what happened to the boys from Karate Kid.
  5. Pop Goes My Heart, Hugh Grant, the definitive parody (along with Robin Sparkles, Let's Go to the Mall) of the 1980's pop video.  I owe all my dance moves to this video
  6. Re: Your Brains, Jonathan Coulton.  Live!  Or Undead!
  7. Rock Me Sexy Jesus from Hamlet 2.  Wonderfully inappropriate.
  8. I Want an Alien for Christmas, Fountains of Wayne
Third, best secretly good soundtrack: Clockstoppers.

Fourth, the most obviously terrific soundtrack: Avenue Q.

Fifth, the top songs of the decade (aside from those already listed in the various categories above, not in order).

  1. Big Casino, Jimmy Eat World
  2. The Kids Aren't Alright, Offspring
  3. MakeDamnSure, Taking Back Sunday
  4. Complicated, Avril Lavigne
  5. Red Flag, Billy Talent
  6. Hate Me, Blue October
  7. Have a Nice Day, Bon Jovi
  8. Long Road to Ruin, Foo Fighters
  9. Take me Out, Franz Ferdinand
  10. Give Up the Grudge, Gob (Lots of F's, so not safe for work/kids)
  11. Hips Don't Lie, Shakira and gang
  12. Animal I Have Become, Three Days Grace
  13. I Kissed a Girl, Kate Perry.  Catchy and Funny.

 Your thoughts?  Probably reveals more about me and my shallow tastes than anything else.


    Spew Jr. said...

    the video is out now. here it is. not very good quality though. waa. the computer wont let me copy the link. just go on your link, go down and it has the music video in related to. good list. although are some better songs of this era, from my favorite bands. but hey its your list. :P

    Clancy Zeifman said...

    Never would have thought you to be a beyonce fan...

    Steve Greene said...

    1) I've been really getting in Weezer lately.
    2) Love "Pop goes my heart"