Monday, October 10, 2016

Mount Fuji

I can't wait to talk about Mount Fuji for the weekly trip report, especially since there was so much time in the bus to think about how much I saw along the way.  So here's my day, as I skipped in and out of twitter and the debate as I had to preserve the batteries of my various devices to last the entire day. 

The tour bus went from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchi-ko, one of five lakes around Mount Fuji.  We didn't ride a boat, as some tours of some lakes do.  Maybe next time.  We were not sure we would see the mountain as it was mighty cloudy.  In the picture below and to the right, Mount Fuji is obscured by clouds.

View of Lake and not Mount Fuji

From there, we went a cheesy tourist town that was built around an old spring. 

Pool of cold water for absolution

Then we had lunch in Oshino Ninja Village.  There was much ninja stuff for kids.  I was very jealous, but was able to rent five throwing stars and see if my frisbee skills translated.  No, they did not. I did hit the target once in five tries.

Kids ducking under camoflauge net

Kids racing the barrel roll

Last part of obstacle course--sticking face into white stuff
and grabbing a fish (gummy?) with one's teeth
Then we were onto to Mount Fuji and got very lucky!
When we first got to station five (a major starting point for
climbing to the top), it was pretty fogging.

Horses awaiting passengers, but it is the slow season

Starting to blow/burn off, the shops/info center

Mount Fuji being shy

Mount Selfie
I am not a pro at panorama shots, but this came out ok.

Mount Fuji in all of its glory
On the way back, we stopped at an amusement park for a "four-D" experience--simulating riding on the wings of a plane as it soars to and around Mount Fuji, complete with wind, some rain and much silliness.  The roller coasters there were pretty sweet, but we could not ride them.  I will add those pics once I figure out how to get them from my rented iphone to my computer. 

Anyhow, despite the traffic and the wasted time in the one village, it was a very positive experience.  I am glad I spent the debate going to this amazing place.  Check another dead (or not so dead?) volcano off of my bucket list.

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