Thursday, December 3, 2009


Too easy not to go with the Tiger theme.  So, what to think of the events surrounding the best golfer on the planet?

Well, I am not surprised by:
  • An athlete or celebrity that cheats on his/her spouse.  I was kind of surprised by Tiger since his whole story is about family, but then again, his parents had their own problemos.  I don't condone his behavior, but I am not surprised or outraged.  There are far more outrageous things going on in the world, such as why anybody gives Dick Cheney any platforms these days to blame Obama for Afghanistan when it got to this state via his old boss and underlings. 
  • That the media is just loving this.  Tiger has not committed any felonies (that we know of), just driving misdemeanors.  But any chance for some salaciousness is welcomed not just by the tabloids but by CNN.  Was this really one of the top stories I should be seeing in airports as I flew to and from DC this week?  Uh, no.  
  • I forget who said it, but nothing good ever happens after 2am.
What is surprising?  Perhaps that Tiger married a woman whose temper seems to be the equal to his own.

What is interesting?  That the brand that Tiger used to endorse (Buick/GM) is getting heaps of free publicity as the SUV is featured on TV.  Why pay Tiger to endorse your brand when he can get your car on TV for free?

Will this affect his career?  Not much.  His focus is legendary.  But he might retire sooner rather than later (after he surpasses Jack Nicklaus's record of Major championships).


Clancy Zeifman said...
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Clancy Zeifman said...

Have you seen this virtual re-creation of the incident?