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I am setting this page aside to keep a running record of the publications and other accomplishments by the grad students I supervised.  These are mostly people whose dissertation committees I chaired but also a few students for whom I sat on their dissertation committee.  I am and always will be uber-proud of these folks.* 
* And this list starts in 2014 because I was not smart enough to start this when I started blogging five years ago.  This is hardly comprehensive or complete.

Aisha Ahmad (@ProfAishaAhmad):
  • "The Security Bazaar: Business Interests and Islamist Power in Civil War Somalia." International Security, Winter 2014/15 

  • "Going Global: Islamist Competition in Contemporary Civil Wars," Security Studies 2016
Theo McLauchlin (@TheoMcLauchlin):

Jonathan Paquin:
  • Game Changer: the Impact of 9/11 on North American Security, UBC Press, 2014.
  • "US Transatlantic Leadership After Iraq," with Philippe Beauregard, Cooperation and Conflict (forthcoming) 
Brent Sasley (@besasley):
Ora Szekely (@oraszekely):

Jessica Trisko Darden (@triskodarden), AEI Jeane Kirkpatrick Fellow
  • "Cash or Combat? America’s Asian Alliances During the War in Afghanistan" with Stefanie Von Hlatky*, Asian Survey, 2015
Suranjan Weeraratne 
Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brûlé  (@SaMyMarBru)

* Honorary member of Team Steve

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