Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sub Lost and Out of My Mind

Spoilers below for our players of the fantasy Lost game:

Holy carnage, Batman.  We have heaps of death here, and one possible candidate emerging.  The focus here is on the Island as today's events had little impact of Alt LA comes into play (nobody picked Locke's Dad).

  • So, Anubis Oracles takes only a small hit, as the deaths of Jin and Sun may mean that we do not see their baby in the finale, so the odds of getting 5 points rather than two decline.
  • Plain-Bellied Sneetches loses Sayid, A questionable second round pick as even lil' Steve predicted his demise and demise he did.  Sayid's death also reduces the chances that Nadia will appear again.  She can still earn Steve two points but probably not more as I doubt she will appear in the finale, unless Siyad gets out of LA prison.
  • Lockean Proviso's took a couple of serious hits tonight.  Kate is not a candidate--Widmore knows, Sawyer knows, Bob Doles knows, and so do the American (and Canadian) people.  The bullet wound is not severe and she did survive the sub, but she is going to max out at five, Island-wise.  More tragically, Frank is dead.  No points for him.  He may yet appear in Alt LA, but we have not seen him yet.
  • The Constants also lost a second round pick as Jin chose to die with his wife than try to get back to raise his daughter.  The good news is that Sawyer is concussed but alive. 
  • Tabula Rasa is in fine shape as none of Wendy's picks were harmed, and John seems to be doing swell as he rolls out of the hospital (as long as Desmond is not driving).  Of course, this raises the question why did Desmond run over him in the first place.  Oy.  Got to go back to the other post in a minute.  
  • Redshirts lost his second round pick (a lot of that going around) as Sun is no longer with us.  
  • Yoda's gamble on Smokey is looking better, but too soon to tell. 
  • Finally, Quantum Humer had no relevant characters in play this week except Claire, and she is crazy but fine.  Jungle Boy looks to show up next week.
So, what are our standings now?
  1. Wendy moves ahead with all of her characters still left alive, but a lot rides on Ben since John and Vincent will bring minimal points.
  2. Sara is moving up because she lost no characters, but could be killed herself if she continues to post spoilers on my FB status.
  3. Ben is looking good for the moment since he lost no characters, but this is probably the highest he will go, as Zoe will die soon, Sarah will be unseen, Jungle Boy will disappear and Claire's future is hazy at best.   
  4. Steve G, as Jack's candidacy compensates for Sayid's death, Miles and Nadia likely to help in LA only.
  5. Chip declines this week just a bit as the baby of Jin and Sun is unlikely to appear again, but Hurley is not dead yet.  
  6. Ali and David are just behind as Sawyer is still alive, but more likely to die now that he has more blood on his hands.
  7. Jacob is in a bit of trouble, having lost Frank and with Kate's candidacy pretty much gone.  Bernard did show up tonight, but is unlikely to show up again, so he is likely to earn only two points (rules are that if a character is not shown to be alive in the finale, they get two points).
  8. Brandon has to bet on Aaron now, as Sun is gone. 
  9. Doc and Zach are tied for last as they picked the submarine captain and the rest of the crew of the Minnow.  [Not that I am bitter for their dropping out or anything]  


Chip said...

I didn't lose Jin 'cause I didn't pick him! The baby lives!!

Steve Saideman said...

Ooops, my bad. I just changed it.

Chip said...


Unknown said...

I'm number one! I'm number one! Ha! Suck it, Constants. That's what you get for stealing my man. :P

Good summary, Steve. Esp. love that last bit about Doc and Zach!

So next week brings us MIB v. Jacob. I'm so psyched for that!!!! (though that will probably not impact most of us score-wise).

Sara Mitchell said...

Hey now, the death threats are unnecessary!

Jacob T. Levy said...

Jack Shafer at Slate is claiming that Frank's probably not dead, since we didn't actually see his dead body, and since someone needs to fly what is now the only means of exit from the island. Not convinced, but it's a nice thought.

B-Rob said...

Number 3 number 3 number 3!
And you had so little faith!
Long Live the Semi-Hot Cougars!

Brandon Valeriano said...

I am blaming racism. Of course they kill the Asians. Just like they get denied tenure. I am still in good shape though and as Locke said at the end, "*&(*%^%"

Steve Saideman said...

Yet another reason for Frank L to stay dead.