Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kyoto Trip Report

Yesterday, we took a bullet train to Kyoto, did some tourism, and then took the bullet train back to Japan.  The trains do, indeed, run on time.

Anyhow, we did three things in Kyoto: a tea ceremony, we visited a beautiful set of shrines, and we shopped in the touristy area near the shrines.  Pics and captions below:
Tea Selfie

Our Tea Hostess

Lots of folks going up or down to/from shrines

Gates and shrines

The folks wearing kimonos and such
were apparently mostly Chinese/Korean tourists who rent
the stuff for the day

Worshiping folks

Shrine dedicated to single people looking to pray for love

Lots of trains as they came and went with much frequency

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deniz said...

wooow awemsome pics!!