Monday, November 9, 2020

One Potential Trump Future

 Lots of discussion of what Trump will do once he leaves the White House.  I have already suggested that he might flee to Saudi Arabia: no extradition treaty, golf courses open year around, and less risk of accidentally swallowing polonium... oh, and orbs! 

While listening to the Bingemode podcast about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and specifically the episode of the Hulk, I could not help but think about the possibility that Trump spends the rest of his life wandering from town to town.  He finds ways to make a living and getting to know people, but then something sets him off and a rage monster erupts, doing significant damage.*  And then he goes on to the next town.

So, when I see Trump from now on, I have the theme to the Incredible Hulk tv show in my head.  And all apologies to the late Bill Bixby.  

*and yes, I am aware that the MAGA fans have created much stuff envisioning Trump as the Hulk.  I guess we agree that Trump has a crappy temper and does much destruction.  They, of course, see this as a good thing.  Somehow, I don't think wandering Trump-monster will be doing acts of good along the way.

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