Tuesday, October 6, 2009

About that Canadian Feed and Hockey!?

I have griped here before about the challenges of watching TV in Canada, especially sports. Well, I am frustrated yet again. I have bought into the Sport Guy's (Bill Simmons) hype about the new documentary series on ESPN--30 for 30. Thirty documentaries by thirty different directors about an event that took place during the thirty years of ESPN's existence. It has received excellent reviews, well at least from those who are connected to the Sports Guy.

But, Tuesday nights, which is when ESPN is broadcasting the series, is, of course, yet another hockey night in Canada for TSN, our ESPN-equivalent. TSN shows a lot of ESPN programming but not always when ESPN shows it, so I have to hunt and hope that the program in question does not conflict with other stuff I like. And tonight would have been perfect since there is little else of interest on.

If anyone can find out when and where I can get 30 for 30 in Canada, let me know.


Theo McLauchlin said...

More bizarre still, considering the first night of 30 in 30 is about... Wayne Gretzky.

Juliet said...

Little else of interest?! Did you not watch the amazing 12-inning playoff game between the Twins and Tigers? And you call yourself an American. Harumph.

Steve Saideman said...

Theo: And a future 30 for 30 will be on Terry Fox done by Steve Nash--how more Canadian can you get?

Juliet: I was looking at what had been scheduled and forgot about the play-in game. I did catch part of it, and it was, indeed, pretty amazing. Still strange that the Canadians missed a chance to re-live a central moment in its history.

Steve Greene said...

Damn. Theo stole my comment. I had no idea this series existed until your post and then I came across it last night, only to find Gretzky.