Thursday, February 5, 2015

Can We Legislate Against Love?

Harvard has finally decided to create a policy that prohibits profs from having sex with undergrads.  My first reaction was: how about the same policy with grad students?  Not so far, I guess.  I was at a place where a prof slept with multiple grad students, and it created a toxic environment for everyone.  I was at another place where the attempts by one prof every few years to sleep with grad students amped up the stress for those in the know and especially for the prof's targets.

Often, the response to such policy proposals is: hey, you cannot legislate against love.  Consenting adults should be able to do what they want.  Well, in my academic travels, it has not been about love but exploitation.  But, let's say a prof falls in love/infatuation with a student.  Then wait.  Have a little responsibility and wait until they graduate.  If it is love, then you can wait.  If it is true love, then wait until you can get out of your Pirate contract, go through the Fire Swamp and declare True Wove.

But kind of like the vax thing, one has an impact on those around, even if there is consent. So, be responsible.  And if you are not responsible, be fired.

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