Friday, March 10, 2017

Not Just Younger Children

This has become one of the most viral things I have seen on the internet:

Lots of profs can empathize as we often do tv hits from home.  Traveling to wherever the tv studio can be a hassle, especially as the TV folks always make requests at the last minute and usually during rush hour.  But this kind of thing can happen. Robert Kelly used to blog for Duck of Minerva, so I kind of know him, and feel his pain.

Has it happened to me?  Not quite.  One time my daughter decided to print out a document in my printer, which she connected to via wifi.  So, this loud machine goes off by my head and I try to turn it off.  I should have just let the noise go as it was less of a distraction than my leaning over to stop it.

But I feel this guy's pain.  As do many folks who do any kind of public engagement from home.


Anonymous said...

The guy's pain? How about the kids, with their dad shoving them back. Awful. I have had kids barge on on skype interviews. Not a big deal. Gently prod the kids out. Smile about it have so e humour. The video, and this academic, is a disgrace. Wait till the kids see this whe they grow up, could be ha ha or could be bad, just saying

Steve Saideman said...

Really???? The kids got pushed back away from something they wanted--happens damn near every single day of the first five years of their lives as they seek all kinds of things that are not good for them. He didn't punch or slap. He just pushed the kid away. If you have a kid and you never pushed them away from sticking their face in something, then you have either really restrained kids or have no concern for what they get into.

Disgrace? Hardly.

Anonymous said...

Must be a generational difference. I have kids. Done many interviews. Had kids interrupt. Who the hell cares about an interview? Kid interrupts, it is annoying. Put pushing that kid away like that with humour or compassion. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant "without humour or compassion." Must also be a gender difference.

Steve Saideman said...

Is my response due to being male? Maybe, but I have had female colleagues agree with my basic stance. So, maybe not.