Sunday, August 22, 2010

Copenhagen, Day 2

Spent my second day and my last full day of tourism with a bit of history.  First, I walked around and in Rosenborg Slot and Kongens Have.  This is where the Royal types used to hang out.  The castle was pretty interesting as were the gardens.  Plus another nice moat  These Danes know their moats.  If I have get a Spew Mansion, I will hire Danes to do the moat. 
Then I went to the Carlsberg Brewery.  They had a nice visitor's area/museum dedicated to beer and the company.  Very interesting stuff.  And you get two beers at the end of the tour.  Excellent. 

Taking a break now to let my feet dry, and then more of the city.

One bit of frustration--my cell apparently is locked so new SIM card does not work.  Other than that and the wet clothes, things are alright here in southern Scandinavia.

Part 2 abridged due to rain.  Will have some other time this week to see stuff, but now time to prep for interviews.

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Mrs. Spew said...

I already talked to you about maybe calling our phone company to unlock our cellphones (a service for which we then pay,) when we were going to New York. Of course, that wouldn't have helped us at our hotel anyway. It's an option, but you have to pay them.