Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mad Men Rocks the Party That Rocks the Body

What a perfect episode for Emmy night! [spoilers of MM and Emmys await below]

First, I didn't post about Mad Men last week as I was out of the country and only saw it yesterday (I love my DVR).  I won't comment much on it now, but I did love the hijinx, especially with Peggy riding the Honda around the studio.  Plus it was a shrink-tastic episode with Betty getting some much needed therapy.

How about this for a line on a night where Jon Hamm does not get the Emmy: "Just because you get nominated, does not mean you get the award."  Indeed, Don/Jon, indeed.  Clios serving as Emmys?  Not subtle enough for the hard core fans, perhaps, but plenty amusing to me.  No speeches though. 

And then we get flashbacks of Don and Roger's first encounters, plus a nice dose of a younger, more innocent (well, sort of) Joan.  As everyone says, any scene with Roger and Joan rocks, and, indeed, it did.

Aside from the various women in Don's bed, the women in this episode did quite well.  The focal group adviser turned down Don with aplomb.  Joan told the youngster to get his own damn drink while pour Don's, she got to be the handholder of both guys, and so on.

But this was Peggy's episode--the one that will used for her Emmy competition next year, as it combined humor, strength, insecurity, and penis jokes.  She was kind but amused by Roger's cousin-in-law during the first scene, upset by not getting invited to the Clios, frustrated by the douche-y artist guy, empowered by her willingness to go naked and still concentrate, and then she confronted Don over his plagiarism.  So, to parallel, sort of, Don's hiring when Roger was drunk, we get the new guy hired because Don had been drunk.

I wonder: the usual line is I like my coffee like I like my women ...., so Don's drink order: Simple and significant--what does that mean?  Because his favorite women have been significant but hardly simple. 

"Award or no award, you still are Don Draper."  Well, sort of.

"Be careful of what you wish for ...." and then Roger added to it.  For all the folks who have longed for more Roger, they got it big-time.

And to close this rambling commentary, I marvel at Peggy: "One little thing" is all that she changed, cutting to the quick.

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