Sunday, August 15, 2010

Old But Slow

I have been noticing articles and podcasts with a common theme lately: when is an athlete too old and too diminished to keep on playing.  Why?  Perhaps because I have had a few bad games of ultimate lately.  I have long been too slow to play great defense, and I have never had great ups to out-sky people.  So, what has changed?  Well, since most of my game has been in my throws and decision-making, it could be my arm or my head.  If the latter, then it is good news as I can learn and try to make better decisions.  If the former, then it is probably part of a decline.  And my elbow does get sore now, so perhaps I have lost a bit on my fastball and my distance throws, and my head has not yet caught up to that reality.

Is it time for me to hang it up?  No, not yet.  I am not yet Willy Mays wandering around centerfield in 1973.  But my days in the A league may be coming to an end.  The key to being a handler--one of two or three point-guards/quarterbacks is know one's own limitations.  My limits are changing, and I now I have to learn the new ones and adjust. The good news is that I have never been in good shape, so I don't have to worry about that.

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