Friday, August 13, 2010

Is The Right Getting More Clever?

Yesterday, I pondered whether the Prop 8 folks fell into a trap.  It turns out that they may have realized this themselves, as there is not a line to appear the judge's decision. 
Barton: Right now the damage is limited to California only, but if California appeals this to the US Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court with Kennedy will go for California, which means all 31 states will go down in flames, although right now this decision is limited only to California.
So there's an effort underway to say "California, please don't appeal this. I mean, if you appeal this, its bad for you guys but live with it, but don't cause the rest of us to have to go down your path."
It is a gamble, but it would be fun to see Gov. Schwarzenegger mess with the right that has been so critical of him and appeal the decision, hoping to get the Supremes to rule against these kinds of laws.  Of course, this is more wishful thinking on my part.  If there is no appeal, California improves as a wedding/honeymoon destination for gay couples.  I wonder if that will appear in the next California tourism ads starting the governator.


Mrs. Spew said...

Arnold won't appeal it because he wants it to be over and has changed his position. I love the attempt to change the fact that they can't appeal into a plea that they don't want to appeal anyway. But Barton's claim that this will limit the "damage" to California is stupid. California was just the first big battle. Further states will be getting lawsuits or facing legislative votes. The guys who brought the CA suit are just getting started. So no, the Far Right isn't getting more clever, and on this issue, they just lost an enormous amount of ground.

But it doesn't matter, because according to other far righters, terrorist babies will blow us all up.

Ellen said...

The opposition to gay marriage is doomed because, demographically, the younger generations accept gays and therefore gay marriage.

When I was the age of my daughters, I didn't know any openly gay people. In contrast, my daughters have known openly gay people since they were in elementary school if not earlier. They know them as teachers, family friends, and relatives.