Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Copenhagen, Day 5

While I am changing from my suit to jeans after having a very interesting discussion with three Ministry of Defense people and one Army officer, I thought I would post a few more things I have observed in Copenhagne:
  • Of all the cities I have traveled through the past year (Berlin, London, Paris, Canberra, Sydney, Wellington and now Copenhagen), Copenhagen has far more police/ambulance sirens going off.  Perhaps I am in a lousy neighborhood?  More graffiti than most of these other places as well, I think.  But still does not feel like a dangerous place.
  • A correction: the wind is stronger here than in Lubbock, more like Wellington.  Nor is the wind here particularly chewy.
  • Another correction: weekday Copenhagen Danes are much more fit than weekenders.  Biking is apparently really good for the environment.
  • And I prefer Carsberg Classic which is darker than the regular Carlsberg.
Best news--found an Indonesian place while walking around today.  Will try it out tonight.

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