Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scrambling--an Academic Necessity

Shifting gears from summer-time research to fall and the start of classes can be challenging in the best of times.  When it means a research trip to Copenhagen and then back for one class and then a trip to the American Political Science Association meeting in Washington, DC, it is a bit much.  And, yes, as Mrs. Spew reminded me, it is my fault.  I chose the timing of these events, so I should not whine.  Indeed, my biggest concern right now is whether I can get away with wearing shorts at the conference since DC will avoid Hurricane Earl apparently but still be the hot and humid swamp it always is around this time of year.

I would not worry, as I am sure the Marriott bar is nicely air-conditioned, but the need for food will compete with the desire to remain un-drenched. I will just have to make sure that the Chipotle's burrito does not slip onto my bare legs....

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