Friday, August 6, 2010

Short vs. Long Term

We see it everywhere--how to finesse the competing demands of doing what is possible or correct now versus what is best for the long-term.  The best illustration of this now is efforts to cut state budgets and federal deficits at a time where the economy is fragile and where the cuts may have long-lasting implications.  The latest job figures show that governments cut over 200,000 jobs in the most recent period.  Stimulus?  Ha! 

Sure, most of those losses actually are due to temporary census workers competing their assigned tasks.  But one might actually expect more government hiring rather than stable or less right now.  Stimulating the economy is not just a good short-term idea but is good for the long run as growth is the best way to fight the deficits.  But it is easier to take a stand against more spending today, even if it harms the economy today and tomorrow.    Even if it means that classrooms become way too full and cutting pre-school

One does not have to think that Republicans are just soul-less machines to be upset by this.

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