Monday, August 18, 2014

The Fork Does Indeed Split

As we were sitting in a funky waffle place, a nearly appropriate Green Day song started playing:

Nearly appropriate because the song puts a finality on stuff that does not exist in this case... my daughter will be coming home on a semi-regular basis for the next four years and then a much more irregular basis after that.

Otherwise, it fits, as my daughter is now heading on a path without us--the before college and with family period of her life ends and the college and on her own life begins.  So, of course, I pretended to cry.  I have that ability (as an aspiring thespian long ago) and it was particularly easy with the moment and the music.  She anticipated it when she heard the music, didn't want me to do it, so I stopped.  She never liked it that much when I faked-crying.

So, she must not have been too happy about fifteen minutes when she went her way and I got back in my car to return home.  Not so much faking then.  No, this wasn't the worst part of saying goodbye to my daughter.  Buying a cell phone for her was. 

I am mighty proud of who she has become, am mighty impressed by what she proposes to do, and am pretty damn certain that she will do amazing things.  But it sucks that I will not be able to tease her, be teased by her, argue with her, and all that on a regular basis.  We will have email, facebook, skype and all that, but it will not be the same. But dinner, sorry Mrs. Spew, is going to far less interesting from here on out.

Of course, there is no other way.  I could not stop her from starting her own life.  So,perhaps this song works better:

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