Friday, August 8, 2014

Vacation Blogging

Too busy being razzed by herd of niece to blog much, but a few stray things along the way came up:
  • I have a new term I want to try out: apoliplicable.  It refers to those types of behaviors or events or whatever where an apology might be suitable.  I came up with this because several of my relatives like to apologize for things where no apology is warranted--where it is not apoliplcable. 
  • I cannot recommend surf shirts enough.  I started using one a few years ago, mostly to prevent sunburns on my back.  After the rippish tides of the other day, I was reminded of one of the original purposes of these shirts--preventing scrapes while getting washing machined by the waves.
  • I have another idea I wish I could capitalize on: outlet shopping bunkhouses.  When a family goes to a shopping outlet, it is almost inevitable that the participants will vary in how quickly they shop.  While a lounge with wifi (outlet shopping wifi thus far suck-eth) and TV would be cool, a place to nap would be even better.  Vacationers are often pre-tired due to travel, beach time, disrupted sleep (we need some black out curtains), and so on.  So a nice place to chill would be swell.
  • Thus far, the travel has been quite good with a couple of minor hiccups.  The US Airways people in Philly seem mighty shy about announcing that the baggage went to the wrong carousel.  We heard about it as if it were gossip. I do love how having a frequent rental car card makes getting through the rental car place a snap.  George Clooney was right!
Oh, and the US is going back to Iraq like it is 2003 or something.  I am glad I am on vacation. So, I will just relax and enjoy a funny video I caught yesterday--more Joan is more Joan!

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