Sunday, August 30, 2015

Scott Walker Disqualifies Himself

Scott Walker fell into a trap, being asked about his take on the border with Mexico in the competitive xenophobic outbidding that is the GOP campaign right now, was pushed to consider a parallel program up north--a wall between Canada and the US.  He said it should be considered.

Um, only as a dumb question, maybe.  Canada is not the only one who benefits from the biggest bilateral trade relationship, for one thing.  The second is: damn, it is mighty long border, especially if you include the lines between Alaska and the Yukon Territory.  Would Walker propose a Trump-like "hey, the Canadians could pay for it?" kind of idea.  The answer would be f no, eh!

No terrorists have successfully launched attacks on the US after coming through Canada.  One guy got caught at the border.  And, no the 9/11 folks did not come through Canada.  So, if that fear is driving any of this, then that is more stupidity/ignorance.

The bright side:
Lots of Game of Thrones references.  Good times.  Oh, and Walker has shown that he is dim.  He would not be the first dim president, but the last dim one did enough damage to teach us all a lesson, right?

The Canadians must feel ambivalent about this: oh, crap, a wall?  That would mess up our economy.  Oh, but at least the American politicians and media thought to mention us.  As I always tell folks here, better to be omitted from the State of the Union and other speeches than to be included in the list of problems for the US. 

In sum, FFS, can the GOP produce a decent candidate?

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