Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Kind of Experiments I Do: Testing Butter Beers

The big fad of late in political science has been experiments.  I have a few friends who are zealots about this approach, and I see the merit.  Yet, I don't have any training or instincts.... unless it comes to food and booze.  College Spew came home for the break determined with a particular destination and so we pursued it deliberately: three versions of butter beer.

Butterbeer with Bourbon

Butterbeer with Rum
The voters were not wrong.  The rum and the bourbon based variants were both quite good, but the winner is the butterscotch schapps and beer recipe.  The bourbon had more of an apple taste, and the rum was a bit more complex to make.  For the winner, we did use another beer for guinness (I don't keep it in my beer fridge) and we didn't add the optional dark rum--it was boozy enough.

Butterbeer with butterscotch schnapps and beer
 And, of course, we had to re-watch the last four Harry Potter movies while we drank these delightful beverages.  Four?  Well, we still have the second part of the seventh book to watch.  What shall we drink?  We have plenty of schnapps left.....

Oh, and not quite as magical as the butterbeer served at the Harry Potter park in Orlando, but not too shabby.

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