Friday, June 17, 2016

Defence Review Help

In the next two weeks, I am participating in two Defence Review roundtables--the widely publicized series that I have, um, discussed AND the Parliamentary version.  I am going to the Montreal roundtable on the 27th, but the more immediate one is the Parliamentary one.  I have been invited by the Opposition (the Conservatives), and they gave me a link to their conversation starter here.

I have written a short paper for each one, which I will post on my blog after each meeting with some discussion, of course, of how it went, what I said, and what I learned within whatever confines of the the meetings (the Montreal roundtable will be either Chatham House rule or in camera...).

Anyhow, before I go to these meetings, I thought I would ask my readers: what should I talk about?  What would you want to say either to the Review panel or the Defence Committee?

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