Saturday, December 17, 2016

Favorite Sandwich

 Thanks to a fb post by Ben Denison, I ran across this ranking of favorite sandwiches.  Since I am way behind on blogging this year, I thought I would come up with my own list.  The assumption here is that each one is made as well as possible, i.e., steak sandwich is made in Philly.  Obviously, this is an idiosyncratic list--my preferences are my preferences.  But they are also the right way to think about this stuff.

  1. Philly steak sandwich.  I am not a huge fan of cheese but pizza sauce and onions are musts (folks were pushing roast pork sandwiches the last time I was in Philly but I was underwhelmed).
  2. Bagel and lox.  No Montreal bagels.  No capers.  Just a good bagel, cream cheese, some red onionand a heap of lox.
  3. Taco.
  4. Gyro--can be beef, lamb, pork souvlaki, whatever.  
  5. Shwarma, which is gyro but with less greek, more mideastern stuff.
  6. Lobster roll, a very rare treat, but can easily be done wrong.
  7. Fried chicken sandwich 
  8. Hamburger
  9. Po boy.
  10. Bacon, egg and cheese but on a biscuit or croissant, not on a roll.
  11. Pulled Pork
  12. Hoagie (what others would call an italian sub)
  13. Meatball sub
  14. Cubano
  15. Torta
  16. Grilled cheese (I prefer quesadillas)
  17. Tuna sandwich
  18. Ham sandwich 
  19. PB (not a huge fan of J)
  20. Banh Mi
I am not including the ones mentioned in the article that I have never eaten nor desire to eat. I would like to try a tonkatsu sandwich, but didn't see any while in Japan.  Maybe next time.

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