Thursday, March 1, 2018

Trump Years? Scaramuccis? Time is Relative!

One of the constant complaints about life in the Trump Era is how long every day/week/month seems to be.  Because every day is packed with controversies, each one seems longer, each week seems longer. For example:

I am highlighting the dog years part because it goes along with people saying yesterday (a Wednesday) how long this week has been and glad that it is Friday because by the third weekday, it has felt like we have lived through at least a full week.

Hope Hicks lasted six months as Communications Director (although never talking to the media?), which does not sound like that long, but she also lasted nearly twenty Scaramuccis (a Scaramucci is ten days).  If we measure things in terms of Scaramuccis, then perhaps it will make the various Trump crises seem as long as they feel. For instance, exactly a year ago, I was at a conference making a long qomment (a question that is really a comment at 1:16) about how Trump ain't normal.  One year is not that long ago, but that was thirty-six and a half Scaramuccis.

Alas, it does not do anything for the daily grind, where one hour feels like three or four. Any ideas for how to express the slowness of the average day in the Trump Era?  I don't really know the answer to this, but the good news is this: if it feels like 5pm at noon, then the drinking lamp is lit.

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