Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiwi is a Bird?

First lesson in New Zealand is not that a Kiwi is a bird, it is that they are very serious about their "border."
  • I got sniffed multiple times by a contraband-seeking lab while waiting to get to the customs desk.  And then another dog that was hanging out at the baggage claim. 
  • The customs declaration card asked, as usual, if I had been at a farm, but also asked if I had been at an abattoir.  Um, what kinds of folks is New Zealand usually receiving?  Slaughterhouse workers? Tourists who like to visit abattoir? 
Second, the flight here was a bit different:
  • They handed out DVD players to the folks in the first several rows, including a few rows of coach.  Strange way to entertain a select few folks.  
  • Dessert on the plane--a fruit pop!  
Third, Wellington is mighty, mighty windy.  The cab driver laughed at me when I mentioned I had an umbrella.  Now I know why.  I should have packed another layer of clothing just for a few days in Wellington.

Today was hanging out with parliamentarians at the Beehive.  Really.  Tomorrow, foreign affairs and defense folks.

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