Thursday, April 8, 2010

Narcisstic Navel-Gazing

Every once in a while, I check out where my blog's visitors are coming from.  Here now is the top ten with some surprises:
  1. 1.  Canada
  2. 2.  US
  3. 3. Australia
  4. 4. Spain
  5. 5.  UK
  6. 6.  India
  7. 7. France
  8. 8. New Zealand
  9. 9. Italy
  10. 10.  Uganda
I imagine that my hits are up in Aus/NZ due to the recent trip--that folks might have been checking out my spewage as they prepared to meet with me or in the aftermath, wondering who the hell is this guy. 

I am more surprised that Spain is number four on the list and that Uganda squeaks into the top ten.  To be fair, Uganda is actually tied with Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Greece and Philippines.  Once the numbers get low enough (say, below five hits), the meaning is less in the relative ranking (2 vs 3 visitors) and just more about how global this whole internet thing is.  Yep, I am the first to say that the internet is global!  Ok, that is not news, but I must admit it is kind of funky that my rants have been read by folks in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Austria and Yemen.


Anonymous said...

Any idea how long people stay (hit is not the same as "reading") and whether the hits are unique visitors?

Steve Saideman said...

Good questions:
First, average time on site for English-speaking countries seems to be a minute to two minutes except for Aus and NZ where is more like 6-10 minutes.
European non-English-speaking countries last about ten seconds.

New visitors range from 24% (Canada) to 100% (India/France).

The N (number of visits) for most countries is so small that the averages are probably pretty meaningless.

And to be clear, this is all for just the past month.