Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lost Draft Order and Rules

As promised, today I am announcing the order for Tuesday evening's (and then some) of potential survivors our players will pick as we await the next episode of Lost.

But, first, a couple of announcements:

  • We have had two additions and one subtraction from the roster of players.  
    • Ben has joined the game.  He claims to have been a student in my big (600) student class, but we have no record of him.  Given his name, we can only deduce that he is an accomplished liar.
    • Ben replaces Beth, who had to drop out, as she has a major photography assignment this week.  Apparently, Britney Spears or Tiger Woods is going to be in the Philadelphia area, and all paparazzi have been called into action.
    • We have an additional player that I will not identify until I get confirmation that he or she is, indeed, playing.  See below for how this player can help us break any ties that occur in the game.
  • Since we have ten players, rather than eight, we will only be having four rounds of draft-picks.  My original intention was to go forty deep--the list of characters does go past sixty.  But forty seems to be the right number of major and minor characters.
  • I did not make clear, but players can trade draft picks before and during the draft.  After the draft, they can trade their characters until the beginning of the penultimate episode (that is second to last, dudes).  
    • All trades must be approved by the Commissioner for Life.  
    • While each player is assigned four draft picks, they can have more or less than four characters on their team.
      • One could trade several picks to move up, thinking that there will be few survivors, if one is pretty confident about who will survive and who is the candidate.
      • One could amass picks if one things that many will survive.
        • Just as Jacob is experimenting with free will vs fate, I am conducting experiments on risk aversion and optimism.
    • To be clear, the only characters in play are those chosen in the draft.  There will be no free agency, waivers, or secondary drafts if new characters are introduced in the last few episodes (things are complicated enough as they are). 
  • A reminder that we need team names for all but two of you.  And surely you guys can do better than Red Shirts and Lockean Provisos.  
I decided to put all the names into a hat and then have Mrs. Spew pick.  Using excel's random number generator was fun, but kept changing so the choice of which run of numbers would have been subject to my bias.
The sorting hat to the right is, yes, an elf holiday hat, but of desert camouflage coloring.  And I got it in Kandahar.  Just a bit of trivia to delay announcing the draft order:

  1. Chip
  2. Steve
  3. Jacob
  4. David and Ali
  5. Wendy
  6. Zach
  7. Brandon
  8. Mystery x Jeff "Doc" Jensen
  9. Sara
  10. Ben (Beth had been the last one picked out of the hat, so Ben gets her spot)
Because it is a Snake-Draft (whatever it is called), Ben get's the 11th pick, Sara gets 12, and so on until Chip gets 20 and 21, Steve gets 22 and so on until Ben gets 30 and 31, and back down to Chip with 40.

Again, if you cannot be online Tuesday evening at 9pm EDT, then submit a list (of 40 names or so in your preferred order)  to me via email.  And Chip will be on the clock as they say at 9pm. 

I can imagine that at the end of the series, we may have a tie.  I propose the following tie-breakers, but am willing to take suggestions.

***  Tiebreaker #1:  Who is the mystery player?  First person to give me the right answer wins.  If that person reveals him or herself before a correct guess is sent to me, then we move on to TB #2
**** Tiebreaker #2: What should be this fantasy league's name?  Whoever comes up with a name I like gets this tiebreaker.
*****Tiebreaker #3: What is the best team name (and, yes, I am the judge of that one)?


Chip said...

love that elf hat!!

Brandon Valeriano said...

I am guessing BS. Damn, now I actually need to take this seriously.

Steve Greene said...

Alright #2!. And, my you are taking this quite seriously--I'm impressed.

B-Rob said...

Hrrrrmmmmm a team name eh?

How about Team: "Quantum Humer"?