Monday, April 26, 2010

Putting It All Into Pespective

Given that I have been focused on the Lost Fantasy League the past few days, I thought this puts it all into perspective.  Where you fit on this depends on three criteria.  I would like to think I am a Geek, according to this coding scheme, but you may disagree and think I am either a Nerd or a Dork.  And, yes, Jacob, another softball down the middle of the plate for you.

HT to The Great White Snark


Jacob T. Levy said...

I've kvetched about this every month or so for quite a while, every time it comes around. It's wrong, wrong, wrong. It just can't be the case that "geek" and "socially inept" are entirely mutually exclusive categories. So, no, I won't be using this to mock you.

As the great John Hodgman said:

"I’m a big fat geek. And there are those of you who’ll say, 'Wait a minute didn’t he earlier say he’s a nerd? There’s a difference between geeks and nerds, of course.' To you people I say: shut up, nerds."

Steve Saideman said...

Would you switch nerd and geek, then? I do like the three dimensions.

Steve Greene said...

I'm clearly a geek myself, but I do agree that the term most definitely does not exclude social ineptitude. Nor would I switch it with nerd, for the same reason. I think a new term is needed for that intersection.