Friday, March 11, 2011

Is Europe Following the US?

With the US ambivalent about a no-fly zone, is it any surprise that the Europeans cannot agree on such a measure?  The European non-decision could be independent of the US hesitancy, as there are many conflicting interests in play, and this would not be the first time that Europeans disagreed about what to do.  Indeed, I am a card-carrying* Euro-skeptic, given the performance of the EU during the Yugoslav wars, Iraq and elsewhere.

* If my book with Bill Ayres counts as a card, that is.  And if I am carrying it, I suppose.

No real surprise that Germany is not thrilled to take part in such an endeavor.  That Italy is missing from these discussions is not surprising given how full Berlusconi's calendar must be with the young ladies and the court dates that involve the young ladies.  But Italy is the European country most likely to be impacted by this crisis--proximity does suggest it as a probably destination of refugees. 

Combining a policy with an uncertain effect with a continent that is always uncertain is a recipe for hedging, not for an assertive stance.

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