Thursday, December 13, 2012

Arizona Questions

 I am staying in Tempe, Arizona for a workshop, and my comparative analysis bell got run on the way to breakfast.  Yes, I had to walk outside to go to the hotel restaurant because, well, it is Arizona and there is hardly ever inclement weather, I guess?  Reminds me of the malls in San Diego. 

Anyhow, which is more Arizona-y: orange trees in the middle of a hotel's courtyard?
Or an outdoor fireplace in the courtyard?

Of course, I am just glad to see palm trees (reminds me of visiting SD as a prospective grad student).

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Tony Kondaks said...

Orange trees.

I lived in AZ for 16 years. I read once while living there that 80% of the citrus rots on the trees (on residences, that is). Once I lived there a few years, I understood: I had three orange trees on my property. The first year, I drank a whole tree (about 1,000 oranges) by having fresh orange juice at least twice a day). For the next 15 years, I never drank another glass of it.

The Tempe campus of ASU is, officially, an arboretum with a multitude of trees from across the world planted there, so you can find virtually every singe type of citrus tree (kumquats, etc.), and specimens such as Carob and eucalyptus.