Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best TV of 2012

AFI had their list of movies and tv shows of 2012.  As I will be traveling much in the next two weeks, let me get to the TV list now.  Yesterday, I just listed the movies I liked the most and the least.  Today, maybe I can actually put the TV shows in order?  Hmmm, that is a challenge.  Oh, and a key caveat--I have not gotten FX up here in Canada so I cannot list this season of Homeland or the third season of Justified.  I just the DVDs of the first season of Homeland and will soon get the third season of Justified.  And, yes, that means leaving Louie off of my lists.  Sorry.  Yes, I am very sorry I have not seen any Louie.  To be rectified.  Oh, yes, spoilers:

  1. Breaking Bad--Just an amazing season.  While I rank Mad Men as a show over Breaking Bad, comparing the two seasons puts BB ahead.  The start of the season with a future Walt and his machine gun, the great train robbery, Skyler's line about waiting for the cancer to come back, Mike's last line, all so very good.
  2. Parks and Rec--the most consistent show on TV (ironic given that the first season was awful).  Just always very funny and very moving.  Chock full of sweetness yet people do not seem to get upset at how much heart is in it.  
  3. Game of Thrones--The Battle of Blackwater.  Indeed.  The second season, given the book it came from, may have been more challenging than the first to transfer to TV.  Jon could have been more interesting, but more Tyrion is more Tyrion! 
  4. Mad Men--I thought this was a great season.  It is just that other shows were even more terrific. 
  5. Community--so much heart, silliness and meta-ness.  Much controversy about Dan Harmon, but the show he created and allowed to breathe free has been wonderful. Very funny and very clever, even if I sometimes miss a reference.
  6. The Daily Show--I like my sleep but I love my DVR. Thanks Jon!
  7. New Girl--started off a bit weak but the side characters became the main ones in the most Schmidt-y of ways. 
  8. Walking Dead--the characters are often too stupid for words but this season has been chock full of suspense.
  9. Awake--one season wonder.  It was very moving and very engaging--which world was the real world?  Not sure I bought the conclusion, but it was some great acting by Jason Isaacs.
  10. Arrow--Chock full of cheese, but fun action and well done thus far.

Shows I Just Didn't Like Enough

Girls--just could not get into it.

Shows I wish I could see at the normal time in Canada
Burn Notice

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