Friday, June 20, 2014

Necessary Unnecessary Infographic Du Jour

We really should need to be educating people about vaccines these days, but I guess we do.  So, here is today's infographic that should not be necessary but is (thanks, Jenny McCarthy).

 For 2014, these numbers may not work so well, as we have measles outbreaks, whooping cough outbreaks, and other otherwise avoidable diseases spreading.  This is sad on so many levels, but one is that the US health care system does prevention so very badly except when it comes to vaccines.  Now, thanks to the no-nothings, that one success is now being eroded. 

One other note--600 people falling out of bed each year?  That makes that old claim that more people die falling out of bed than via terrorism in the US still valid.  If we take not 2001 but the entire 2000's, then we can suggest that we need a Patriot Act for beds more than we do for terrorism.  Of course, 9/11 had big economic costs and we should not diminish the actual suffering of the families.  But some comparative context is not a bad thing.

Anyhow, this is really about the anti-vaxxers and the idiots who follow them.

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