Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Call for Papers: International Education

International Journal: Canada’s journal of global policy analysis, is planning a special, peer-reviewed, issue on the past, present, and future of international education.  IJ combines policy briefs (3,000 words, limited footnotes) with longer scholarly assessments (up to 8,000 words, including up to 60 notes) of interest to foreign policy-makers and analysts in Canada and abroad. The journal is cross-disciplinary, combining the insights of history, political science, and economics with anthropology and other social sciences to advance research and dialogue in the field of international relations, broadly defined.

We welcome submissions that consider any of the following elements of international education as an element of international policy or scholarship:

·         How, when, and/or where the idea of international education evolved from a primarily domestic preoccupation to a global foreign policy challenge
·         Historical and contemporary case studies of individual states’ approaches to international education
·         Comparative assessments of national and/or subnational approaches to international education
·         The state of global governance in the field of international education
·         The future of international education as a global policy issue
·         The scholarship of international education

Authors who wish that their essays be considered for publication in the special issue are asked to submit complete manuscripts by 20 February 2015 to allow time for peer review.  Papers that reach IJ after the deadline will be considered for publication in the journal at a later date.  IJ accepts submissions through the Scholar One website at the Scholar One website, which is accessible at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ijx.  Full details on submission format and style can be found at http://www.sagepub.com/journals/Journal202229#tabview=manuscriptSubmission.   

Please forward any questions to either of the journal’s co-editors, Adam Chapnick (achapnick@internationaljournal.ca) or Mairi MacDonald (mmacdonald@internationaljournal.ca)

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